10 Disability Commandments

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  • The 10 Disability Commandments digital book

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DISCLAIMER: By making this purchase, you agree and understand that Greg Brinkley Enterprises makes no guarantee you will be approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Your results will vary and depend on your medical condition(s), available medical evidence, case analysis, your cooperation, and other factors. You also agree that you will not hold Greg Brinkley Enterprises LLC responsible for any results or consequences you experience in, during, or after your application and claim for Social Security disability benefits.

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This is such an important book for our times. It’s a priceless resource for anyone facing the challenge of securing social security for a disability. Why put yourself through hell - and suffer delay, disappointment, frustration and failure - when you can be “in the know” and avoid it by leveraging the insight and knowledge of someone with many years of experience in this specific area. Greg IS the man to listen to on this topic!

Christian Simpson, Globally Acclaimed Coach, Founder of the Conscious Coaching Academy

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  • A detailed, customized game plan on how to get started with your SSDI claim

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